DJ Paul Toronto BIO History

My DJ career DJ Paul

U of T Vic Pub 1975

After three years at the University of Toronto spent as acting entertainment director for three college pubs (The Vic, New College and Hart House), I met Richard Berhalter on my night off at the Jarvis House. He was programming their 50’s/60’s Night in 1974. Over the summer, Richard put a good word in with his boss who owned Ports of Call on Yonge Street and got me a job at Northgate Bar and Grill. Tom Kristenbrun (the owner) wanted some background music for his other locations (The Riverside in Oakville, Toby’s Goodeats, The Jarvis House, Ports Of Call and Bemelmans in Toronto).

1975 Background Music

The technology at the time consisted of a large, open reel tape recorder which would repeat three hours of programming in a loop. Tom set me up with this machine. This new venture was so successful that I was able to buy my first house for $63K for my family in Riverdale.

The Ports Of Call 1976

Ports Of Call had two bars and one restaurant. I worked at The North Gate, a Top-40 bar, and Jon Ng worked at The Uptown, which was more of a discotech. Jon was hired at a new club called Brandy’s and recommended me for the bar next door with the same owners, Scotland Yard. The year was 1977 and the current DJ was Gloria Martin (now of radio fame).

I worked two nights at Brandy’s and the rest at Scotland Yard from 1977 to 1988. The sound system was installed by Wes Throu (Bovine Sex Club fame), who was actually in my class in grade 7 (small world!).  2001 was bar DJ job at the Bier Markt – The Esplanade (Toronto) Currently events listed here. More info on DJ Paul.    Call Paul

Brandy’s Bar Toronto
Bier Markt – The Esplanade (Toronto)